Saint Paul's Wednesday Evening Adult Education

Meeting (almost) every Wednesday during the normal school year. Eucharist, a meal followed by classes, book readings, and discussion groups.

5:30 Holy Eucharist
6:00 Group Dinner
6:45 - 8:00 Classes meet
Childcare and other kids’ activities are also available. 

Jesus’ command to love others as he loved us means that we must continually seek out others and share our walk of faith with them.

St. Paul's  Adult Formation Committee offers classes and programs on Wednesday nights to allow you to share deeper learning with other Christians. Join us as we get to know each other in the context of exploring God’s many and varied calls to us.

JOURNEY is St. Paul’s process by which adults are prepared for Baptism. It is also for preparing baptized adults for Confirmation or Reception into the Church.

 - 2018 Vestry Candidates - 

Lucy Eggerth, member since 2016

Why do you want to serve on Vestry? I like St. Paul’s very much.  It has been a big factor in making Rick and me feel at home in Bellingham after our move here in 2016.  I am grateful to be able to worship here, to participate in adult education and social activities and to serve in ministries. I would like to do what I can to help St. Paul’s grow and prosper and fulfill its mission.
What do you see as the biggest challenges facing St. Paul's? I think the biggest opportunity is that as our region grows we have the opportunity to incorporate new people into the congregation and encourage them to share themselves and their gifts and talents.  I think the biggest challenge is that some important ministries need more help in order to continue and grow.
What are your areas of interest serving on Vestry?Outreach, congregational growth and development.  
Is there anything else you'd like us to know? Editor’s Note: Lucy is currently serving as a Reception Minister on Wednesdayafternoons.
Contact Information:
1304 39th Street, Bellingham, WA 98229
 925-708-5303 or  925-708-5303


Lindsay C. Reid, member since 2015

I’ve been a registered parishioner at St. Paul’s Episcopal for a little over 2 years. Before that, I attended monthly Taize for over a year, after which I decided to become a committed FT parishioner.
Why do you want to serve on Vestry? When asked to consider serving on the Vestry, I was pretty daunted by the invitation, and the 3-year commitment it entailed. I took a week to pray and discern, and through this discernment process, discovered that I loved St. Paul’s and was able to release fear. Responding “Yes” was not just a yes to the Vestry Ministry, but a yes to St. Paul’s. A newfound sense of peace has evolved from this, and I welcome the opportunity to bring whatever experience and gifts I have to the table.
What do you see as the biggest challenges facing St. Paul's? The biggest opportunity I see for St. Paul’s is to continue on its current path of growth, inclusivity, and outreach to the community, living out our mission statement of love and joy undaunted by the darkness that can envelop many in difficult times. The greatest challenge I see facing St. Paul’s is that we are very big. This is both a blessing and a curse in many ways. According to Group Relations Theory (Tavistock, England), the Primary Purpose of any institution – in our case our Mission Statement –morphs into a secondary purpose. This is inevitable because the primary purpose almost always by necessity becomes the institution’s survival.  Navigating the tension between these two purposes – each competing for primary status - is a balancing act, requiring leadership, skill, intuitive understanding and ongoing commitment to the original primary purpose, i.e., one’s Mission Statement.  
One key to achieving this, in my opinion, is facilitating meaningful relationships and through this a sense of real connectedness to each other. In addition, I read something recently which I believe applies to any organization: “The challenge is to stay in the moment, but think creatively toward the future.” (Author unknown).
What are your areas of interest serving on Vestry?
My current areas of interest are all things that fall under Pastoral Ministry – because we are growing so large, I would like to ensure that no parishioner feels invisible.  My prayer is that we continuously strive to build relationships and provide opportunities for such relationships to thrive. For me personally, St. Paul’s has been a place where I have felt surrounded and supported by “a cloud of witnesses” to the Light. A Light that can, and does, dispel the darkness in which we live, both individually and collectively. When supported by others  living in Light, we desire to share this love and Light with the larger community, especially the marginalized.
Is there anything else you'd like us to know? Recently, I was able to purchase a second St. Paul’s sweatshirt because it has become my “winter uniform.” Not just because it is a great piece of clothing, but because I feel such pride wearing it. I love letting others know I am affiliated with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, which I believe is a beacon in our community. I am just so proud to be a member of St. Paul’s. After having been involved in ministry for over 30 years in different parts of the country, this is the first I have felt this way since we retired to Bellingham 13 years ago.
Contact Information:
336 36th St. #629, Bellingham, WA 98225
360-303-3288  or 360-303-3288


Barney Smith, Member since 2003

Why do you want to serve on Vestry? I would like to serve and be more involved with the goings on of St. Paul’s
What do you see as the biggest challenges facing St. Paul's? Growing the membership, both financially and spiritually.
What are your areas of interest serving on Vestry? I’m interested in all of it, especially communication.
Is there anything else you'd like us to know? I’m an electrician, so I can definitely help out. Editor’s Note: Barney is one of the adult leaders of the youth ministry.
Contact Information:
815 39th Place, Bellingham, WA 98225


Ed Sugar, member since 2014

Why do you want to serve on Vestry? From the first time my wife, Marion, and I became Bellingham residents in February 2014 we have been welcomed by the St. Paul’s community.  Along with this warm welcome, St. Paul’s clergy and parishioners have encouraged me to get involved in parish activities over the past three years, including the successful Columbarium project, serving as a co-leader of the Thursday evening Contemplative Prayer ministry, and in reviving the St. Paul’s Men’s Group.
My sense of gratitude for this welcome now encourages me to offer myself for service on the Vestry.  Past experience as a Vestry member of St. Michael’s Parish in Studio City, California has provided a comprehensive outlook about church finances, operations, communications, and outreach.  At a time in my professional life when I expect to shift to a part-time, consultative role, I feel it is incumbent on me to direct my skills and energy to giving back to this parish community that has been so friendly and welcoming.
What do you see as the biggest challenges facing St. Paul's? St. Paul’s is undergoing a generational shift.  New members and younger families have caused our parish community to grow in sheer numbers as well as enthusiasm.  At the same time, some older parishioners have passed on or moved from the area.  Within this dual dynamic are both the greatest opportunity and the greatest challenge facing the parish.  The past two budgets have featured deficits, a condition that cannot go on indefinitely.  New approaches to stewardship and financial support are needed, approaches that can call on the varied talents and experiences of all of our parishioners.  I look forward to working enthusiastically with our community to stabilize the parish’s operating budget through sustainable stewardship.
What are your areas of interest serving on Vestry? My professional background in marketing is a resource for helping to grow our stewardship ministry.  Previous Vestry service in California has also given me a particular interest in how best to get others – and especially new parishioners – involved.  That service also provided real training in buildings and grounds maintenance and planning.
Is there anything else you'd like us to know? My observation is that all of us at St. Paul’s have had a wealth of life experiences, both spiritual and temporal.  Some of my specific experiences and life skills are germane to service on our Vestry:
•   Reviving the St. Paul’s Men’s Group, working with the men of the parish to explore and expand the scope of our spiritual lives.
•   Honored in 2016 by my peers in the Marketing Research Association with a major lifetime award.
•   Spearheading fundraising events and programs at Los Angeles Valley College as board director for over 15 years.
•   Servant leadership role in Whatcom County Al-Anon, a fellowship for people affected by the active alcoholism of family and friends.
 I view enlisting the experiences, talents, and enthusiasm of my fellow parishioners as perhaps the greatest contribution I can make to St. Paul’s Parish Vestry over the next three years. Thank you very much for your consideration.


Upcoming special events:

Saint Paul's parish Annual Meeting

January 24, 2018 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Calling all members! Join us for the annual meeting as we look at the year gone by and look forward to the year ahead. This is also when we hold elections for Vestry and Convention Delegates, and enjoy Christian fellowship as the body of Christ.

Dinner and childcare will be provided for the annual meeting.

Wednesday classes resume January 10, 2018