THANK YOU to all the wonderful, amazing Vacation Bible School volunteers

St. Paul's VBS Serves 126 Children!

THANK YOU to all the wonderful, amazing Vacation Bible School volunteers who gave their time before, during, and after VBS this year!  It was a full week where 126 children were served and welcomed by this amazing St. Paul's community.  Parents said they felt their children were safe, welcomed, and loved. What a compliment! 

Thank you to: Jennifer Zovar, Emily Browning, Bea Walton, Pearl Petaia, Sarah Yates, Mary Hayes, Nigel Naylor, Rob Atkinson, Susan Fierro, Dorothy Murphy, Susan Burrus, Kathryn Nichols, Michelle Campbell, Maritza Clough, Linda Tiffany, Madi Simonton, Dottie Nichols, Amanda Singh, Jess Bandstra, Kathy Rudell, Eli Gemora, Olivia Slama, Ruth Carter, Jan Small, Brendan Gardner, Maxwell Bailey, Amyiah Serdahl, Sarah Hosler, Maddie Palmer, Clare Duffy, Noah Bandstra, Jamie Scott, Carrie Schwarz, Ellie Pridachuk, Luke Smith, Ruby Serhdahl, Liz Foster, Jordan Cavalier, Mary Horton, and Kim Byford, and all the parents who brought their children to share with us, as well as all of the Reception Ministry volunteers who helped provide a warm welcome each day: Kathy Rudell, Kim Byford, Pam Bulthuis, Mary Horton and Dottie Nichols.

Editor's Note: Special thanks to Children & Family Ministries Director Lindsay Knight and  Youth Director Nicole Pridachuk, who spent countless hours before VBS week planning, organizing and recruiting volunteers; and to The Rev. Josh Hosler, who wrote lyrics and recorded songs for VBS this year. It is very inspiring to see how this trinity of staff work, problem-solve, and create together; and how they support and encourage one another along the way.

The standard "box" VBS program is not good enough for this team (or for St. Paul's!), and they worked very hard to create a program, music and activities to entertain, inspire and motivate precious young children using new ideas yet based on solid theology. We and all of the children who attend VBS each year are very blessed to have this team in charge of our VBS at St. Paul's!