Godly Play "isms"...

Yesterday when my son came home from school, he said his friend was talking about Easter and so he asked him:  

“Do you know the REAL reason for Easter?”  


I asked him if he answered his friend, and here is what he said:

“I told him the real reason for Easter is that Jesus died on a cross. They took his body to a cave. His mom and some other people went to the cave to take him some flowers or something and when they got there the cave was empty but there was a gardener guy there and they asked him where did Jesus’ dead body go? And that guy? He said,

'I’M Jesus.'” 

His friend said, "Didn’t he die though?" 

“Yeah, he died but he got back alive again.” 

"How did he do that?" 

And he replied with a voice with this air of certainty,

“Because…He’s the Son of God.” 

"I knew about the Cross, but I didn't know about the coming back alive part." 

As a parent figuring out how to raise him in a church, in this ever growing secular country, without having a childhood church life myself, I was glued to what had just happened. My son was able to share his Faith so openly and so honestly. He also is at an age where he knows that not everyone believes like we do AND feels totally good about sharing it (and why wouldn't he, right?). Then I asked him, where did he hear that story? We haven’t covered that story yet this year and I personally haven’t told him that one yet. And he said,

“I remember it from Godly Play last year.” 

 Isn’t it amazing?? One little 10-15 minute Godly Play story and he got all that out of it!! FROM LAST YEAR!