Saint Paul's Disaster Preparedness Team


This questionnaire will help our Disaster Committee  determine your special skills in responding, as well as needs that you might have in a disaster. This Information will be kept confidential, and will only be used by the Disaster Leadership Team to involve parishioners appropriately in disaster response. For more information, contact George or Randi Sanders.

Member Questionnaire:

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Street address in the first field, Apartment, Unit, etc. in the second field
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Special Skills I would volunteer
Note: Any services provided for children requires Safe Church training.
Professional Skills I would volunteer
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Special Needs (If we need to care for you and your family)
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Do you have any pets? Please list them. Is there any problem accessing your property?

"I would be more than willing to help in any way I could"

St. Paul’s Episcopal, Bellingham Emergency Preparedness Committee


George F. Sanders, February 26, 2017

  • There were 128 Questionnaires returned, representing a total of 180+ persons
  • Of the 128 respondents, there were 106 who indicated an Emergency Contact Person.
  • There were 37 who would give blood in an emergency.
  • There were 59 respondents who would provide temporary housing for a total of roughly 172 persons.
  • There were 33 people who would babysit kids at Church.
  • There were 34 respondents who said they could babysit kids at home for a total of 97 kids.
  • Total number who would provide hot meals 49
  • Total number who would provide portable generator 7
  • Total number who have foreign language skills 14
  • Total number who indicated first aid, CPR or other medical skills 24
  • Total number who help in an evacuation 63
  • Total number who help in clean-up 58
  • Total number who have had CERT training in the past 9
  • Total number who will pray with/for victims 76

St. Paul’s has people with skills in professional rebuilding assistance who have tools available.  We have tax accounting skills, networking/phone coordinating skills and clerical skills to be the “Forms Brigade” in a disaster.  We have a nurse and a CMA, a retired Doctor, a retired Fire Fighter, a Licensed Social Worker, and a retired Red Cross Family Supervisor all willing to help.

Special Medical Needs: "In an emergency I'll need coffee"