To everything there is a season … and a time to every purpose under heaven.

Journey is for…

  • Primarily, those who are not yet baptized.

  • Secondarily, those who are baptized but wish to renew their faith in one of these ways …

- Through Confirmation, a rite of taking on baptismal vows as an adult
- Through Reception into the Episcopal Church from another denomination
- Through Reaffirmation after a time of walking alongside other Journeyers

Journey implies…

- A commitment to explore the Christian life
- An openness to transformation
- A personal process (but not a private one), already begun, and never finished

Journey is a commitment that takes place in FOUR STAGES …

1.   A time to EXPLORE...

Start by making Holy Eucharist a habit every week.

Attend our Wednesday Evening exploratory sessions from September 21 to November 16, 6:00-8:00 p.m. (includes dinner; children’s activities also available.)

At this point, the group has not yet formed, but your journey with Christ has long since begun. 

Various classes are available for us to choose from. We listen for God’s call as we explore some aspects of the Christian life. These classes are not required, but they can supplement your Journey experience helpfully.

During this time, make known your desire to join the Journey group. You will be paired with a sponsor who will walk alongside you the whole way.


2.   A time to ENGAGE...

Sunday in November: The Rite of Admission. At Eucharist, we commit publicly to Journey, and the congregation prays for us. Those seeking baptism become known as catechumens.

Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany - We reflect on this decision and engage in personal prayer practices.

Sunday Mornings: January – February

- We begin to meet as a group every Sunday morning from 9:00 to 10:15 AM.
- We ask questions about the Christian faith.
- We share our personal stories of faith with each other.


3.   A time to COMMIT...

Ash Wednesday - 
Those seeking renewal help the clergy to distribute ashes.

The Rite of Enrollment - 
Those seeking baptism become candidates, a new level of commitment. We all stand before the congregation again, and they pray for us.

Sunday mornings: March – April - 
We read Scripture … and we let Scripture read us.

Holy Week, April 

Maundy Thursday - 
those seeking renewal are the first to wash the feet of people in the congregation.

Good Friday - 
we pray at the foot of the Cross.

Holy Saturday - 
we gather in the evening for the Great Vigil of Easter. We light a new flame, hear our sacred stories, proclaim the first Alleluias of Easter, and celebrate the Rite of Holy Baptism.


4.   A time to DISCERN...

Sunday mornings: April – May
We explore God’s purposes for us today as individuals and as a community.

Cathedral Day 
With the Rites of Confirmation, Reception, Reaffirmation In Seattle, our bishop lays hands on Journeyers and prays for us.

Feast of Pentecost: The Rite of Affirmation of Vocation 
We each announce to the congregation our understanding of God’s next call in our lives, even if such an understanding contains a measure of uncertainty.

Journey is the way we at St. Paul’s take part in the ancient catechumenal process of walking alongside those who are committing to the Christian life.

Journey does not consist of a specific body of knowledge. Instead, it is characterized by growth in Christ and in Christian community.

Having participated in Journey, you will have learned to tell your own faith story, learned methods of engaging with the Bible and The Book of Common Prayer, developed practices of prayer that can sustain you for many years, and found a community of Christians with whom you can continue to journey in other ways.

If you cannot make the commitment to Journey this year, that’s OK. Maybe this just isn’t your season. On the other hand, maybe God is calling you to become a Christian or to renew the vows made at your baptism.

To express your interest in Journey, contact the Rev. Marsha Vollkommer  or 360-733-2890.