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Family Promise Ministry - Get involved in a noble cause.

Thank you all for your enthusiastic response to the idea of St. Paul’s becoming involved with Family Promise Program.
On Sunday, July 16, we will meet in room 113 from about noon to 1:00 to talk about moving forward with this Ministry.  Developing a strong, responsive group of volunteers is our first, very important step.
If St. Paul’s Church is to participate in the Family Promise Program, we will need a large core of dedicated Ministers, so please get your coffee and come see what we can do together to make it happen.   If you know someone who would like to join us, please pass this along and encourage them to get involved.
The agenda will be to share what we have learned, answer questions and build a team of leaders.    
Hopefully, as we learn more about Family Promise, the Spirit will nudge each of us to take on a task that uses our talents and interests and Family Promise will have a presence at St. Paul’s Church.
Please feel free to contact any of us with questions. Otherwise, we look forward to coming together on Sunday, July 16 in room 113 following the 10:30 service.