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Lessons And Carols Holiday Service

Invite your friends to attend a beautiful service of Advent Lessons and Carols Sunday, November 30, at 5pm

The season of Advent marks the beginning of the Church year, and is traditionally a time of preparation for Christmas. Its observance dates from the sixth century in Gaul (today known as France), and it stretched from St. Martin’s Day (11 November) to Christmas Eve. It was known as “The Lent of St. Martin” and as the title suggests the parallel between Ad-vent and the Lenten fast, meditations on the themes of judgment and the
last things were developed for each of the four Sundays.
Advent—full of rich symbolism and imagery—is a season of waiting and preparation and contains several themes. In the traditional sense, Advent looks towards something yet to happen—the return of Jesus Christ in glory and judgment at the end of time (the “Parousia” as it is known by scholars). Then there is the more well-known purpose of Advent—a time of preparation for the coming of Christmas and the birth of Christ. Along these two themes of longing and expectation (for something that has hap-pened and something yet to happen), there is a call to penitence and prayer (similar to Lent), a preparation of the heart, if you will, for the coming of Christ. (Recall the Christmas carol “Joy to the World” with the phrase “let every heart prepare Him room”.)
Join us as we celebrate the beginning of the Advent season with readings and music featuring a mixture of plainchant, handbells, traditional and contemporary choral anthems, and congregational singing.