Bobby and Scotty Sires home burned down last night


This morning at 1:30 a fire alarm awakened St. Paul's members Bobby and Scotty Sires in their home.  They were able to escape the blaze along with Bobby's sister Maddie, who was staying overnight.  The house and contents are a total loss.

I visited the home today and spoke with Raynell Ewell, Bobby's mother; and Tony, Bobby's brother.  They were engaged in the sad task of recovering from the ruins the bodies of Scotty and Bobby's six dogs; their "puppies."

Bobby and Scotty are taking shelter in Tony's home in Ferndale.  I spoke with Bobby briefly by telephone today.  He was heartbroken over the loss of the dogs.

Fortunately, their vehicles were parked far enough away from the blaze to escape damage.

St. Paul's will let members know how you can help Scotty and Bobby with recovering their lives.  Those of you on Facebook may know more than I know, and if you do, please share it with us at St. Paul's.


Pray for them in this time of loss and sadness.