Forward Day by Day

Do you find yourself desiring something more each day?  Some spiritual grounding and support? Have the idea that you want inspiration from the Scripture and a chance to pray but aren't sure how to get started?

Forward Day By Day

Forward Day By Day

Since 1935, there's been a resource available to Episcopalians.  It's called "Forward Day by Day."  It is a booklet of daily meditations on a specific passage of the Bible, each month written by a different author.

I'm grateful to Fr. Don Smith for calling our attention to Forward Day By Day, and for making sure we have copies available at church.  I join him in commending this resource to you.

Daily Scripture reflection and prayer is basic to spiritual growth for a Christian.  In this practice we  turn our attention to what the Spirit will say to us, reminding us of our grounding in God's daily provision of life and orienting us to our calling to receive and reflect God's love in every circumstance of life.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, who visited us recently, is inviting all Episcopalians to "The Way of Love: Practices for a Jesus-Centered Life."  One of those practices is "Learn."  He asks us to reflect on Scripture each day, especially on Jesus' life and teachings.  Forward Day By Day is an excellent way to do this practice.

Forward Day By Day is available in regular print (can fit in a shirt pocket), large print, daily e-mail, e-book (Kindle, Nook, iTunes), a daily podcast, a smartphone app for iOS or Android, and on Facebook and Twitter.  You can access these options at the link provided here.  Some of you will be best served by picking up your copy at church.  We're glad to continue offering that option.

I encourage you to subscribe to your favorite version of Forward Day By Day and use it every day.  I know that two of our youth read it every day and got their parents to follow suit!

I'd love to see more and more members of St. Paul's adopting a daily practice of prayer.  It will change us!

And thanks again, Fr. Don Smith, for your reminders to us about this wonderful resource.