Jesus, Hell, Refugees, Flannery O'Connor, and Isaac of Nineveh

I preached a sermon last Sunday which is now posted on our St. Paul's website.  It's important that we Christians get this matter of heaven and hell right, and I hope that I'm at least partly right in this sermon.  As my professor of Systematic Theology Jim Carpenter once wrote in a blurb on the jacket of one of Robert Capon's books:  "being half-right is a very good score for a theologian."

Just click on this link for audio of the sermon.

I don't think you can go wrong banking on God's infinite mercy.  "Jesus, thou art all compassion; pure, unbounded love thou art," we sing.  God is not a God of retribution, if the ministry and mission of Jesus is to be counted upon.  But we humans are full of capacity for retribution.  We create hell for one another.  God in Christ crashed the gates of hell with a mission of mercy headed straight for the gates of hell, as Chris Hoke memorably reminded us in a sermon last year.