Pride in Bellingham

Pride celebrations have been going on across the country in June as they do every year and will happen July 7- 9 in Bellingham. St. Paul's will be represented at Pride, and elsewhere in this issue you can see some details about that from members of St. Paul's who are making our presence known there, and who invite us to participate along with them.

Pride is an opportunity for followers of Jesus to bear witness to the love of Jesus for everyone. A lot of people need reassurance that God loves them, and you never know who might see our membership represented in Bellingham's celebration and receive a much-needed reminder that God loves them.  Goodness knows there are still plenty of difficulties and potential roadblocks for GLBTQ people, and I'm thinking especially of those teens who are discovering they are "different" than their peers and really need love as they grow into all that they can be as human beings and children of God.

I'll be away with family that day in Vermont.  Please know I'll be praying for those who are at Pride in Bellingham.  I'm grateful for GLBTQ people among us as fellow pilgrims and disciples at St. Paul's, and for what they've taught me and how they love us and how they are helping us live into what the Book of Common Prayer describes as the essential mission of the Church, which is to "draw all people to unity with God and each other in Christ." (BCP 1979, p. 855)

Together, as last Sunday's collect has it, we're all being built upon the foundation of apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone. We're being called by God to a unity of spirit as we're made a holy temple, a dwelling for God. (BCP 1979. p. 230).

As we're at Pride, let's look at everyone with the understanding that God dwells within them and wishes to do so, and that we're all in this together.