Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of all of the altar linens and vessels.  Our members spend several hours laundering and ironing linens, polishing silver, and setting up for the weekly services. 

We are divided into teams of 4-5 people, each team serves for one week, setting up, cleaning up, and generally creating the holy altar space for the services.

The Altar Guild is NOT a women's only group!

This is a contemplative ministry as you will find yourself preparing and praying in a quiet empty church. The silence and the sacredness of the tasks are soul-satisfying, and you can touch the eternal.

Please join us.

Contact Linda Telfer

Sewing and Craft Guild

We are Alive and Well!

St. Paul's Sewing/Craft Guild has been resurrected. We are meeting twice a month to work on projects for the Holiday Faire.  We welcome anyone who likes to sew, knit, crochet, or do any other kind of craft.  Some of us work individually.  Some of us work on group projects.  Anyone is welcome to join us on the first and third Wednesdays of each month from 10:00 to 12:00 in room B-08.  Bring your own project on which to work.  We offer assistance if you run into difficulty on your project. 

If you have any ideas for special projects, bring them along to share.  Any questions can be addressed to Mary Jellison

St. Paul's Guild

St. Paul’s Guild is approaching 60 years of service to St. Paul’s Church. When organized, the guild chose the church gardens as its main focus. Once the Columbarium was established, that center garden area was dedicated as the Memorial Garden and St. Paul’s Guild chose to maintain that beloved area.

As guild members, we share “generations” of friendships and memories from making plum puddings, cone wreaths, soup lunches for the Holiday Faires, and digging, weeding and shoveling compost in the garden all in an effort to be the “garden stewards”.

Many amenities such as the altar, stone benches, bird bath, sprinkler system, etc. are from the generosities of parishioners, extended families and friends.

St. Paul’s Guild continues to direct its service and monies to caring for the Memorial Garden and like all gardens, plants/shrubs need replacing, soils/compost need replenishing and sprinkler systems need repairing.

If you wish to help support this effort, DONATIONS may be made to: ST. PAUL’S MEMORIAL GARDEN FUND in memory of, or in honor of a loved one, friend, special occasion, or “just because!”

Thank you for your consideration and support. —

Contact:  Phyllis Bargelt

Flower Guild

Easter 2015


The Flower Guild is a volunteer organization whose primary purpose is to arrange flowers and greenery for the altars in accordance with the church liturgical calendar. On most Sundays, rotating teams of two members arrange and care for the flowers on the High Altar and the St. Mary Altar.

We welcome new members. The only requirements are an enjoyment of flower arranging, good energy, an ability to lift and carry about 20 pounds, a willingness to clean up messes and a good sense of humor! Our schedules are mostly flexible.

No experience? Don't worry. We offer trainings and workshops several times a year. We work in teams of two and rotate every 5 or 6 weeks. Each team is responsible for a week of procuring the flowers, arranging, watering and removing.

Christmas and Easter. On the days before Easter and Christmas, the entire Flower Guild works together to gather, prepare and decorate the Nave for these high Holy days.

Christmas Eve at Saint Paul's

Christmas Eve at Saint Paul's

Advent & Lent. In accordance with the tradition of the Episcopal Church, neither the High Altar nor the St. Mary Altar is flowered during Advent and Lent, with the exception of Rose Sunday. During Advent, greenery is used.

Memorial Donations. Celebrating the life and memory of a loved one with a memorial gift for altar flowers is a long-honored tradition at st. Paul's . You may also wish to commemorate a birthduy, a baptism, the recovery from illness, an answered prayer or a special anniversary with a gift of altar flowers. Funding for the work of the Flower Guild comes entirely from the generosity of parishioners through gifts given at Christmas, Easter and memorials throughout the year.

Funerals and Weddings. For special services such as weddings and funerals, please contact the church office. The Guild will coordinate with the florist of your choice for these services.

Contact Susan McDermott

Our Founder Bev Zacharias who led the flower guild for over 25 years. She began by growing many of the flowers in her own gardens. Bev has recently retired from the guild, but we remember and honor her commitment to this vital and inspiring ministry.

Our Founder Bev Zacharias who led the flower guild for over 25 years. She began by growing many of the flowers in her own gardens. Bev has recently retired from the guild, but we remember and honor her commitment to this vital and inspiring ministry.

Ministry in the Spotlight:

Flower Guild

by Kate Brigham

Decorating with flowers has been a long and steady custom that dates back to ancient times. Why do we love flowers? For the same reason why we love the brilliant stars, the breathtaking sunsets or sunrises, the magnificent mountains or the soothing oceans; because flowers reflect the true understanding of God’s beauty and perfection and mostly because within the fragility of flowers exists a here-and-now that says, “I love you”.

Like an artist who paints a splendid portrait, a composer completing a masterpiece or a poet who touches the soul, the Flower Guild beautifies its church. The roots of the St. Paul’s Church Flower Guild started off as an appendage of the Altar Guild many years ago. The “founding mother," Bev Zacharias, brought her passion and experience for liturgical flower arrangements into what has now become one of the church’s beloved ministries for over 25 years. At the encouragement from another member, Susan McDermott joined the Guild in 2009 and currently serves as the chairman. She manages the budget, organizes the scheduling and oversees and helps the group in all their efforts. Susan says, “Flowers sing to me, they sing to my soul.” 

There are 16 members, women and men, who work in teams. Each week, a different 2 person team is responsible for purchasing, prepping, arranging, decorating and adorning the church for Sunday services with gorgeous flower arrangements. In addition to the High Altar and Mary Altar, we often find these floral gems in the Great Hall, the Reception and even in the restrooms. All who have attended services on Christmas or Easter can attest to the stunningly beautiful flowers that embellish the church.

The Flower Guild members do more than arrange flowers though. They are stewards of their guild funds. At Christmas and Easter, a tribute is offered for parishioners to honor their loved ones. Congregation members can give a monetary donation to the Guild where the names of our dearly departed are remembered and published in the bulletin. They also interface with families who have lost loved ones concerning funerals and services.

During the summer months, gardeners generously share and allow us to make use of their seasonal floral abundance. The Guild members are a savvy bunch; they are efficient with their resources, good at reusing existing materials and always keep an economical mind frame on their budget, all the while esteeming their creative freedom for the art of liturgical flower arranging. The flowers are a form of worship and praise in themselves!

Lastly, the arrangements don’t stop serving at the altar. After the services, they are often delivered to places such as Hospice, various retirement communities and the homebound. Susan McDermott explains, “The recipients don’t care if the flowers are not in the best condition. They are just happy to get flowers.”  Perhaps this is because flowers are an expression of comfort and consideration. They make us still and gladden people’s hearts.

When we want to show our Lord God the Almighty our reverence and adulation, and our love and affection, flowers can express what words fall short of. They exemplify and reflect both the fragility and beauty of precious life. Flowers are God’s perfect creation and the Flower Guild is a ministry that helps us to praise, worship and give thanks to the glory of God.
Anyone is welcome to join the Flower Guild and basic training is offered. This work can be challenging in a fun way. Our guild florists have the freedom to allow their spiritual inspirations and inner creativity combined with their love for God and for people to be shown through the expression of flowers.

For more information, contact Chairman Susan McDermott. Members of the Flower Guild include: Susan McDermott, Karen Duddleston, Julia Findley, Sally Gibbs, Tina Loudon, Marilyn Mastor, Alisa McHarness, Susan Sandell, Janet Sharp, Erica Steele, Martina Schoepe, Sue Stremler, Kay Redell. Thank you for your inspiring, beautiful ministry!

Chancel Guild


The Chancel Guild, established in 1890, is the oldest guild in St. Paul's church.

The guild is responsible for the Chancel, the area at the front of the church, including the main (high) altar, the organ,  the choir loft. The guild provides the funding for the organ, choir robes, and the altar supplies such as wine, wafers, candles and other needs that often arise.


Guild income is derived from two annual sales, and from membership dues. The spring and fall sales provide much-needed clothing and household items to the community. New members are always welcome.

Contact:  Linda Hardy

St. Anne's Guild

St. Anne’s Guild gathers women of the church into a social group that works together on projects benefiting St. Paul’s and the larger community.  A special emphasis of the guild is providing hospitality at receptions for weddings, funerals, concerts or any special parish event.  The guild meets monthly, September through May.

St. Anne's Guild was established in 1938 by a group of 10 young matrons and is one of the oldest of St. Paul's guilds. Our memory book highlights many interesting events in the guild's history.

New members are always welcome.

Contact Jeanne Stebner or Robin O'Callaghan to join us for a wonderful cause.