Operations Committees



Facilities Planning Committee

Promotes a holistic approach toward the utilization of all St Paul facilities by being responsive to church and community needs and requests, maintaining a policy driven decision-making process that promotes clarity and consistency, allows for change as circumstances change, and establishes and maintains a transparent scheduling and fees assessment process. The committee works closely with the Operations Manager.

Facilities Planning Committee contact Rob Vollkommer


Long Range Planning Committee

Assures the continued health and growth of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, by focusing on a three to five year horizon, evaluating and recommending long range staffing and lay leadership needs, being nimble and flexible to new/different/better ideas and structures, and embraces change as is necessary, and listening and being faithfully guided and informed. Meets quarterly. Some confidentiality required.

Long Range Planning Committee.. The Rev. Jonathan Weldon, Rector


Memorial and Arts Committee

Appointed by the Rector, this Committee meets quarterly to review the appropriateness and placement of any proposed art, furniture, windows, icons, etc. at St. Paul’s. The Committee oversees the church archives, and may also suggest art or art ideas for the church.

Memorial & Arts Committee  Kathy Oberg


Personnel Committee

Assures the consistent application of HR norms by benchmarking St Paul’s human resource (HR) policies against those of other parishes, the Diocese and community entities including but not limited to salary and benefits, promoting the implementation of Mutual Ministry practices, and serving as a HR resource for the Rector.

Personnel Committee ................................................. Rob Vollkommer