We are either born into, or adopted by, families. In baptism, we become part of another family: God’s universal family, with our congregation. Promises are made–for us when we are young, or by us when we are able–a set of vows that enter us into a special relationship with Christ. We become united with Jesus and with God in living out the most satisfying and astounding promises of all Creation.

The congregation also makes promises. We promise to support those who are baptized–to do all we can to help them grow in their Christian lives. The baptismal vows are so important to us that we renew our commitment to them several times a year–lest we forget why we are part of God's plan–to ponder how we are doing and consider how we might embody them more fully.

We hold baptisms several times during the year and they are always held during worship on very special Sundays. Those who are baptized (or their parents) are committing to become part of our faith community. We baptize babies, children and adults.

Baptism is forever – when you are baptized you are "Marked for Christ" for life.

If you or your child(ren) are interested in being baptized, join us for worship to see if this is the faith community for you, then talk to our priests.

You can read our Baptismal Covenant here.  It is taken from the Book of Common Prayer, 1979, which is our principle source for worship.

What could be more fun than a baptism? As the Bishop parades up and down the aisle proclaiming: "Ladies and Gentlemen: Please welcome the newest Christian in the world!"


At one parish that we attended, the priest never made it through even one baptism without being moved to tears...he had to stop and collect himself EVERY TIME!

— A St. Paul's parishioner