Confirmation is a rite that is entirely related to Baptism.

If we are baptized as babies or small children, our parents/caregivers and faith community make the promises on our behalf, committing themselves to help us grow into the Christian way of life. Part of that growth is arriving at the time to make those promises our own, taking personal responsibility for our faith journey. This arrival will come at different chronological ages for different people, from late adolescence throughout adulthood.

Confirmation is the service in which we publicly take on those promises, with the support of our community and the blessing of God. It is led by our bishop, who serves as the chief pastor of our region of the Episcopal Church.

We offer programs to help our members consider these promises and whether it is time to commit to them personally. Our high school-age youth are offered the opportunity to undertake a confirmation journey.  Adults consider deepening their faith as part of our Journey process.