An Anglican Bishop explains why evolution is perfectly compatible - indeed complimentary - to Christian faith.


John Polkinghorne, had a distinguished career as a Cambridge physicist before also becoming an Anglican priest. His perspective transcends cultural controversies that see science and religion at odds. He uses quantum physics and chaos theory to think about religious mysteries and how the world actually works. He has addressed the spectrum of ideas from evolution and the afterlife, to how the universe might make space for prayer.

John Polkinghorne came to find scientific and religious questions to present a lively complement to each other, to be intellectual partners in discerning truth. He eventually returned to Cambridge to teach about the interface between science and religion. He's published many books and articles and emerged as one of the world's leading thinkers on the shared ground between the insights of quantum physics and religious mysteries.

In 1997, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth, although he is not referred to as "Sir John" because, as a clergyman, he would not bear a sword for the Queen. Five years after being knighted, he won the Templeton Prize for progress in science and religion.