St. Paul's Guild

St. Paul’s Guild is approaching 60 years of service to St. Paul’s Church. When organized, the guild chose the church gardens as its main focus. Once the Columbarium was established, that center garden area was dedicated as the Memorial Garden and St. Paul’s Guild chose to maintain that beloved area.

As guild members, we share “generations” of friendships and memories from making plum puddings, cone wreaths, soup lunches for the Holiday Faires, and digging, weeding and shoveling compost in the garden all in an effort to be the “garden stewards”.

Many amenities such as the altar, stone benches, bird bath, sprinkler

system, etc. are from the generosities of parishioners, extended families and friends.

St. Paul’s Guild continues to direct its service and monies to caring for the Memorial Garden and like all

gardens, plants/shrubs need replacing, soils/compost need replenishing and sprinkler systems need repairing.

If you wish to help support this effort, DONATIONS may be made to: ST. PAUL’S MEMORIAL GARDEN FUND in memory of, or in honor of a loved one, friend, special occasion, or “just because!”

Thank you for your consideration and support. —

St. Paul’s GuildSt. Paul’s Guild shares the joy of Christian fellowship through worshipping and working together.  Meetings are held on the first Sunday of each month when members gather for corporate worship and then go out to breakfast. 

Throughout the year the guild maintains the Memorial Garden and helps wherever needed in  support of parish events.

Contact:  Phyllis Bargelt