Hope House Bellingham

Hope House, operated by Catholic Community Services, is supported by several churches, community organizations and businesses.  It supplies clothing, diapers, toiletries, household articles, and baby food to persons in need.

About 30% of Hope House volunteers attend St. Paul's. It's a great way to meet others and serve the community. We meet every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday morning from 9 to 12:00, and Friday afternoons from 1 to 6:00. Jobs include helping meet the needs of guests, and unpacking, sorting and hanging donated clothing, toys, household goods, books and food.

Roughly 13,000 individuals are served by Hope House each year. Donations can be sent to  Hope House at 207 Kentucky St, Bellingham, WA  98225.

He'd come with his girlfriend when they set up their apartment. They were shy, pleased, and serious. They came for baby clothes and then to show off their beautiful baby.

Last week, thin and sad, he came alone. Too little money. Too little faith in the future. The tiny family separated. He returned to Hope House, remembering clean clothes and food and perhaps a few moments of being a real person, not just another homeless loser. 

She'd heard about Hope House from the Ferndale school counselor. Late Friday afternoon, L. carried home pencils, glue sticks, two notebooks, markers, and crayons to start off her third grader.  The preschool sister chose two plastic ponies and their shoebox size house. Her baby brother clutched a toy bunny. The mom got diapers, toilet paper, dish detergent, a food bag, new kid outfits, and a new blouse for herself.

The week end was looking better by the minute!

Contact Father Chuck Whitmore for more information.

Many thanks to the Chancel Guild's Rummage Sale.  On the last day, HH volunteers collected shoes, clothing, house wares, sheets and towels, and miscellaneous stuffed animals.  HH clients immediately checked them over and checked them out!  Thanks to St. Paul's,  two dozen people now have shoes for walking or working.  Some  even have slippers for soft warmth.   A few kitchens now have cookware.  Some beds now have sheets and blankets.  Thanks for the cheerful generosity and helpfulness of the Rummage Sale volunteers at St. Paul's!