October 28 - Jesus heals the blind beggar, but remains surrounded by "The Blind"

The blind man's name is Bartimaeus. This name may be a sly reference to an essay by Plato in which he posits that, of all the senses, sight is the most important.

And not because having good vision makes living so much easier. It's because seeing allows us to appreciate the wonder of creation "the absolute unerring causes of God" in our lives; that simply observing this incredible universe should be enough to turn us to lives of wisdom and compassion.

How's that going for you, my friend? Can looking at the night sky drop you to your knees? Does simply catching a glimpse of Mount Baker on a clear day send a little chill up your spine?

We have eyes and we can see, but often we don't.

Jesus, let us see. Let your light so shine, Oh God, upon us that we may attain to the wholeness of Jesus Christ our savior.