November 11 - Today's gospel is the Widow's mite. It must be pledge time again...

Jesus was not impressed with how much money the rich people were giving to the temple - instead he points out the poor widow who gives a very small amount of money, but it's virtually all she has. She gives it all.

This passage of scripture is often used at the end of the year when we're trying to get people to renew their financial commitment to the church. Father Jonathan puts a new spin on the story by placing it into chronological perspective, and proposes a very interesting interpretation.

Basically, Jesus is having a bad day. He comes to the temple and completely loses it. He grabs a whip and drives the moneylenders and the people selling blessings out of the temple. Then he condemns the temple leaders as pompous fools. Then he reverses everybody's smug assumptions about giving to the church. Then he completely dismisses the works of man as temporary and foolish.

This is seriously disruptive stuff.