November 25 - Christ the King. What does that really mean?

A song on the radio: "Satan, your kingdom must come down!" triggers a discussion about kingdoms, kings and Jesus.

The mob that wanted him killed accused Jesus of declaring himself to be a "King". (In the Roman empire, the penalty for this is death.)

Jesus is silent.

When Pontius Pilate asks him directly if he is a king, we get another one of those enigmatic answers:

"You say so."

"What? So are you a King or NOT? Aren't you going to defend yourself?"

Jesus says nothing. He dies a horrible death without a struggle or an unkind word.

A king?

Well, if he was a king, he was a mad one. He did nothing to maintain or exert power, he exposed himself to every type of lowlife danger, and he was forever demonstrating the power of love, not the power of diplomacy or armies. When his followers wanted to coronate him, he went off to the desert.

Yet we declare him "King of Kings, and Lord of Lords". Huh?

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