December 30 - "If Jesus died to change the world, he failed"

These sad words were spoken to Bishop Wright by a disheartened man who must have felt that even after 2,000 years, there has been scant improvement. That Jesus did not accomplish much.

But take heart. Jesus didn't come to do it himself. He came that we might become children of God. He came to show us how.

The word became flesh. That is, the immortal secrets of how to make a better world materialized as a living, breathing human being - Jesus.

Sadly, the word became flesh and the church turned the flesh back into words. We need to realize this.

Words cannot hug you, weep with you, play with you. Words can't teach our children, build houses for the poor, or take someone to the doctor's office. Words have to become flesh. They need skin around them. Your skin.