January 6 - Try to imagine a world where God's teachings were never revealed.

Jesus was born into a primitive and brutal world. He changed things forever.

The Roman empire was powerful and merciless. The roads were lined with crucified corpses. The King had total control and cruelty was a badge of honor.

King Herod got word of Jesus' impending birth and knew he had to kill him. Jesus escaped only when his parents became refugees and somehow made it to Egypt. Herod didn't know where to find Jesus, so he simply sent his men to Bethlehem to kill every child under the age of two. (The slaughter of the innocents.) Our world is violent, but thank God you were not born in this era. There is no comparison.

Jesus came back to Isreal. He established a "kingdom" that was the polar opposite of Herod and his ilk. A kingdom (Psalms 71) of peace and justice,  that judges people fairly, defends the oppressed, delivers the children of the poor. A kingdom without borders to defend or armies to feed.

A kingdom that changed our morals, our laws, our sense of right and wrong, our ethics, even our calendar. A kingdom of "those peculiar people", those Christians who went on to change the world.