November 3 - Someday, I'll.....

Father Jonathan had one of those weeks.

It included the anniversary of his brother's death, two funerals for St. Paul's members, leading a seminar on death and dying, a frank discussion with an elderly friend about such matters, and the inevitable sadness that comes with the "Feast of the Faithful Departed". Whew! It's enough to make a guy go running off into the woods (which is exactly what he did).

On the other hand, we were about to celebrate the most joyous occasion in our tradition - a baptism. Father Jonathan reminds us that baptism is a symbolic death and re-birth; that we are about to honor a new member of Christ's family and be born again ourselves as we remind ourselves of our vows. And that there really is no time like the present to heed the call.

There is no room in your life for the phrase, "Someday, I'll.....".