Feb 3 - Jesus goes to his hometown, speaks out, and almost gets himself killed

Yet another example of Jesus' shaking up the status quo wherever he goes. ("No prophet is accepted in the prophet's hometown.")

Jesus has been wandering the region, and eventually makes it back to Nazareth. (This is the little town where he grew up and, one would assume, is well known.)

He gives a little talk at the synagogue that absolutely enrages the hometown crowd. In the words of the new testament: "They get up, drive him out of the town, and lead him to the brow of the hill, so that they might hurl him off the cliff!"

Welcome home, Jesus!

He gets away ("passes through the midst of them") to continue his adventures.

Father Jonathan makes a connection to our current immigration debate, and the fact that over 80,000 children who were brought to the US are deported to a country they have never known. Granted, they are brought here illegally by their parents, but they had nothing to say in the matter. How should we treat these children? Is there guidance in the story from Jesus life?

ALSO: Today was the baptism of Josephine Linnea Schwartz. Welcome to the fellowship of Christ, little one.