Feb 9 - Seattle Seahawks win Super Bowl!

Father Jonathan reflects on the celebrations surrounding the Seahawk's crushing humiliation of the Denver Broncos in this year's Super Bowl. Some Seahawks fans had to reach all the way into religious concepts to express their joy: "I've waited my entire life for this to happen!", "It would be blasphemy not to attend the victory celebration".

We're Christians, and winning the Super Bowl pales next to what we have to celebrate. Father Jonathan says we've grown numb to the sheer joy of Christianity.

God is the source of all joy. Christianity could be seen as "creating occasions for unity, joy, fun and celebration"!

"Unity" and "fun" don't often come to mind when considering the Episcopal Church over the last ten years. Is there a message for us in the Super Bowl?

Great sermon, a real thought-provoker.

Editor's comments: God is the source of all joy. This victory gives us great joy. Obviously, God wanted Seattle to win. OK, maybe that's too simplistic; Maybe God wanted us to have another opportunity to work on our humility and Christian lovingkindness toward Payton Manning. But, either way, it seems clear that Seattle is now God's team!