March 9 - Jesus was a human being ...

... a human being with a divine mission, a crucial task, and not much time.

Father Jonathan posits that Jesus had probably the most difficult mission ever given to a human being:

To live a life of complete trust in God; to summon up transcendent faith and absolute disregard for self, and to do it over and over during each attack, each miracle; to pour love into every seeker, and every lame, sick and evil person, every minute, every hour, every day.


He struggled. He spent long periods of time alone and in contemplation. You can't get away from a "problem" like this, and he knew he had to deal with it somehow, some way, with God's help.

And he did. Jesus fulfilled the most difficult mission ever assigned to a human being in a most amazing manner—in a horrible/wonderful way that none of his followers could even imagine. Words cannot express our thanks for what he did. And that's why some of us, as Christians, are absolutely head-over-heels in love with Jesus.

We can't pay him back, we can only try to live into his example