March 16 - How's your Lent going?

Father Chuck Whitmore reminds us that Lent is about new beginnings and changing our perspective—that what the world teaches you, that life is drudgery and woe, is wrong.

Look! Behold! It's right there in front of you. God's love is given, not earned—God accepts you right where you are (even though you are strongly encouraged not to stay there).

Everything you do can be done for God. You simply need a "new birth" into a different perspective, which is the purpose of the Lenten season.

Like Abraham, you must unquestioningly pack up your established habits and beliefs and head off into a new land. (But remember that you are not alone, this land has been charted by others who have returned and told us how to travel there.)

Make this journey a priority—study, pray, sit in silence. Continue your lifelong pilgrimage to love.