March 23 - Am I Loved? (Am I Worthy?)

Today's sermon is from Todd Foster, St. Paul's able parish administrator and candidate for priesthood.

Jesus and the disciples are passing through a "bad part of town". Jesus sends the disciples off to find food while he takes a break by the neighborhood well. (As usual, he gives no thought to his own safety.)

A beautiful story unfolds.

A local (Samaritan) woman comes to the well for water and Jesus, with no pleasantries, and against all social custom, engages her in a magical conversation.

He reveals to her that he knows things—bad things, frankly—about her life and her behavior. She is mystified. How can this total stranger know these things? And what nerve to bring up such unsavory stuff!

But Todd explains that Jesus is not there to accuse and condemn her; and that—far from being rude—Jesus instantly saw her problem and offered the solution.

The Samaritan woman at the well struggled with the same eternal questions that we all struggle with:

Am I loved? Am I worthy of love?

Yes, you are loved. Yes, you are worthy. We have it from the best source: Jesus, the Christ. It can safely be said that Jesus' mission in our world, his life, his works, and his death, were simply to give us the answer to those questions.