March 30 - What is Original Sin?

Father Jonathan offers a very nuanced take on this much-debated and misunderstood concept:

He proposes that "original" (root) sin is fundamental and oh-so-very common: it is judging, condemning and excluding others. Our original sin is imagining that we can judge who is a sinner—who is interpreting the scriptures properly, who is following the rules, who is damned and who is not. You could say that original sin is presuming to know the mind of God.

Jesus pronounces "judgement" on many characters throughout his brief ministry, but he does not "condemn" anyone. "Judgement" does not equal "Condemnation". And the thing that Jesus seems to hate the most is what we humans just love to do: condemning, excluding and hurting.

Jesus, of course, does the opposite; he accepts, heals, he seeks out the excluded and the despised to offer help and hope. Your mission is clear.