April 6 - Miracle #33: Jesus raises Lazarus... OK, what's next?

Other than "walking on water" this is probably the most widely known of Jesus' miracles, (Although, "the Episcopal miracle" of turning water into wine, is right up there in my book...) and we've heard it a million times.

The danger in hearing these stories over and over is that you grow numb to their depth and meaning. We tend to make lists, categorize things, draw apt analogies, and completely miss the point.

Father Jonathan digs deeply into this familiar story and explains that it is really a very practical message that Jesus is trying to get through to us.

Goodness and mercy will follow us, all the days of our lives.

We will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Like Lazarus, we are commanded to come out of our tombs. We are commanded to unbind others.

Death is not a spectre hovering over us sapping our life energy and stifling our actions. Death is not the final word. And that's the meaning of miracle number 33!