May 4 - His blood be on us, and on our children.

Jesus was hailed, then reviled, then killed, then resurrected. What's going on here? Why did this happen?

Many Christians regard the execution of Jesus as a tragedy and assign blame. If only he hadn't been killed, things would be different. This view is wrong; and thinking this way has caused much pain, prejudice, and violence over the centuries.

When you blame somebody for Jesus' crucifixion (maybe the Jews, the Romans, Satan, this evil world) you miss the point spectacularly. The crucifixion was followed by the resurrection. Jesus had to die.

There is another fundamental misconception:

That, had he lived, Jesus most certainly would have led a rightous army and liberated the people from Roman oppression; formed a kingdom better than King David's dispensing wisdom, and creating perpetual prosperity. This view is also wrong.

Todd discusses the true purpose and meaning of the crucifixion. Jesus came to liberate the whole world through an enlightened understanding, and to give us a mission. We are not here to provide something that God needs, but rather God is providing to us what we need. We must realize that we are totally immersed in kindness and love, and that as we allow God to change our view of everything, we are giving ourselves a great gift.

As baptized Christians it is our honor and privilege to open up and let the message of the crucifixion work through us. Jesus' blood is on us and on our children. It is what will wash us clean and heal us. We are Christians!