June 8 (Pentecost) - The Creator, The Redeemer, and that other guy

The Holy Spirit is the most difficult concept for some of us to understand. It is sometimes referred to as "the sanctifier". What does that mean? If you are filled with the spirit what happens? Speaking in tongues? Going into a mystical trance? Maybe, but that's not the point. Father Chuck explains the Holy Spirit in very practical terms.

When you see an injustice and feel compelled to work for change, that's the Holy Spirit who plants the seed, and will empower you. When you are called to a ministry, that's the Holy Spirit. When you feel there is something missing in your life, that's the Holy Spirit, who will guide you to find what is wrong. Father Chuck has actually felt the Holy Spirit as a tingling, holy, cleansing feeling pass through his body at the touch of a holy man.

But you'd better be careful when you say that something is the Holy Spirit acting. It's serious and powerful. The Holy Spirit is the comforter, God acting in our lives. It's something Jesus promised us when he returned to heaven. A gift of great power.