August 24 - The Women of the Book of Exodus

Moses was the most important prophet in Hebrew history. He was almost killed when the Pharaoh (the king) ordered all of the midwives in Egypt to kill any male babies that were born to the Jewish women. (The Jews were being held captive to the Egyptians at this point in history, so the Pharoah had complete control over them.)

Moses was saved by a curious sequence of actions by five resourceful women: midwives, mothers, princesses and a big sister. It's a wonderful story that Josh weaves together into a lesson for us all:

Pay attention. It's not the sheer number of good works you do. It's not how important or flashy your accomplishments. The secret is to wait and watch for the thing. The big thing that God calls you to do that takes tremendous courage, creativity and sacrifice. This will be your sign that this thing you do not want to do, is the right thing, the necessary thing, at the right time for the glory of God.

When it happens, be of good courage. Act.