August 31 - Present your body as a living sacrifice

God's love took on a body and came to us in the form of Jesus Christ. God was here among us.

When we share the Eucharist, we speak metaphorically of body and blood, but remember that this sacrament is as close as we get to the REAL physical presence of God as Jesus solemnly reminds us "this is my body, this is my blood". We are also blessed with these bodies. Everything we do with them—our minds and hearts—can be to grow, serve, and expand into "the unspeakable sweetness of love".

One way to do this is to marry, find relationships and form households in order to make "little churches" out in the world. With that in mind, Father Jonathan explains that all marriage is a holy and noble thing, and that St. Paul's will now treat marriage requests from same-sex couples in the same manner as any other marriage request—which are never taken lightly, and subject to discernment and discussion between the couple and the priest. The national church debated, considered and approved this change, and we view it as a simple extension of our respect and honor to all loving couples in our community who will go on to form their own "little churches".

Use your body in God's service—trying to outdo one another in showing love and honor—and you are presenting your bodies as a living sacrifice.