International Outreach


Report from the 2018 Trip:

El Porvenir means “the future”.  El Porvenir is an organization that works for clean and healthy living for Nicaraguans, focusing on water and sanitation.  A brigade of workers including St. Paul’s members Jackie and Dick Whitmore, Greg Robinson and Dolly McHenry, Wendy and Chris Johnson, Rocky and Kristi Champagne, Lisa Trottner and various friends just returned from a 10 day trip to El Sauce, Nicaragua. 


Our project was to create compost, fill nursery bags with compost, plant tree and garden seeds and help create a community garden space in the community of Guacimos Almendros—a scattering of houses for about nine families. Despite very high temperatures we made 1,500 bags for trees, planted tomato, pepper and squash seeds in pots and helped build walls to terrace the steep community garden.  We made friends in our Nicaraguan community and with each other by working together in Christian community. It was a wonderful trip.

We will offer a chance for all members of St. Paul’s to support this ministry with a fund raising Beans & Rice Dinner on Saturday, May 12th, 2018. Please plan to join us when we go again in 2020. To see a few more photos, visit the Parishioners of St. Paul's Facebook page.

This highly energetic group has for several years organized mission trips for our parish and served as a clearing house for prospective new international ministries. 

Since 2010 many mission trips have occurred: to Nicaragua to build a lavanderos (washing stations), to repair roads and fix drainage problems for the people of Cafe de Lomas.

A group of teens from our parish have made several trips to Guatemala to help the people of Santiago Atitlan.

For more information contact Dick Whitmore, Chris Johnson or Father Chuck Whitmore.