Collide invites people of all ages, stages, experiences, and faith places, as imperfect or broken as they may be on their journey, to authentically run into Jesus; as He collides with them, they are forever transformed.

Women, we hope that you come and be refreshed, refueled and renewed at the next Collide!

So often, as women we are bombarded by all that we have to do, say, be and look like. At the end of the day it is so easy to feel that in and of ourselves, we aren’t “enough.” This sense of unworthiness can chase us in every aspect of life.

When Jesus collides with people who feel unworthy, He heals their sense of unworthiness.

This will be a beautiful day crafted to meet each of us in the place we find ourselves. Come and enjoy a day of stories, wisdom, inspiration, worship, and lunch with women from all different ages, faith places, and experiences! 

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If you have questions, contact Adriana Collins.