Pastoral Care

Purpose Statement of Pastoral Care Ministry:

Pastoral care is at the heart of the church's mission. To be fully and intentionally available to one another is the calling of this ministry of caring, in a way that…

  • Lifts up the ministries of feeding (i.e. Loaves and Fishes), praying (i.e. Prayer Chain and other prayer groups), visiting (i.e. pastoral visitors), sharing the Eucharist (LEVs), nurturing (i.e. Prayer Shawls, Greeting Cards), welcoming (i.e. Welcome Ministry), supporting and mentoring.

  • Walks alongside, listens, and practices presence with one another.

  • Acknowledges the rich tapestry of people who are part of the St Paul’s community, and respects the dignity of all persons regardless of where they are in their lives and in their faith.

  • Encourages and empowers discipleship through the expression of love for one another.

  • Recognizes that pastoral care is not the sole responsibility of clergy, but is a commission to every member of Christ’s body, the church. So that, in living the Gospel Message as followers of Jesus, the ministry of being fully present to one another is part of the fabric of our lives together.

Contact Rev Marsha Vollkommer to get involved.

Contact Rev Marsha Vollkommer to get involved.