Prayer Shawl Ministry

It is important to be able to create a time and a space to be with God. A prayer shawl is such an aid. Wrapped around you, or draped over one’s head, it “creates” a sacred space in which to meditate and pray. Shawls can be large enough so an adultcan wrap themselves and their child inside, or as small as scarves that elderly folks can manage. The end result is the same - a comforting space for God and God’s blessings. 

The Prayer Shawl ministry at St. Paul's continues to help people. Shawls have been made and delivered to parishioners, friends and family, and new friends in need. The shawls are sometimes knitted by just one person and others are the work of many hands.

Two prayer shawl bags are in circulation that contain yarn, needles, prayers, a list of knitters, instructions, a gift card to sign and all the information you need to be a part of this ministry.

Once a shawl is completed, it is returned to the church office where it is blessed and then delivered. The shawl makers wrap prayers into each stitch. They promise that these prayers will continue after the shawl has been presented.

Contact Linda Pierce for more information.

The St. Paul’s Prayer Shawl Ministry, which began in the fall of 2004, continues to help those known to us who are in need of comfort and hope. Knitters knit the shawls prayerfully. The finished shawls are then blessed at the altar during one of our services. Volunteers deliver the shawl in a gift bag along with a card from St. Paul’s.

Since 2004, nearly 120 shawls have been made and delivered, providing a comforting blanket of peace. Finished shawls can be turned in to St. Paul’s at any time. We like to keep some stored for emergencies, and often have an assortment of colors.

If you know of someone who would benefit from receiving a prayer shawl, write your name, the recipient’s name, and contact information on a prayer request form found in the pew, contact one of our priests, or contact the church office.

If you would like to be a knitter for this ministry, brochures can be found on the rack in the great hall with a pattern for a prayer shawl.

Need supplies? Contact us.

Are you interested in knitting something smaller, like a hat or scarf? The Alms Ministry would also be happy to receive prayerfully knitted items.

Would you like to help but don’t knit? We gratefully accept donations for yarn, knitting needles and gift bags.

For more information, check out the brochures in the Great Hall or contact Linda Pierce .

Knitting is a meditative exercise as well as a practical one. For those involved in the worldwide shawl ministry, knitting is also spiritual, a tangible way to wrap prayers into each stitch.
— Linda Pearce