2017 St. Paul's Church Picnic at Squalicum Creek park

Nearly 150 people attended St. Paul's annual Holy Eucharist and Picnic in the Park last weekend. It was the first year the event was held at Squalicum Creek Park in the Columbia Neighborhood. Squalicum Creek Park was unanimously declared a preferred venue for its proximity to the church, accessibility, and the location of the playground.

Special thanks to the St. Paul's Ushers and Lindsay Knight for purchasing and transporting supplies and food to the site, and to Lee Cunningham for his assistance with sound.

A beautiful day of Christian fellowship with a surprise marriage proposal at the end! Ron Nalewajek  and Wendy Patriquin from Vancouver, Canada. 

Ron says: "Last September, we declared our first DATE in St Paul's in the same way. Who knows,  maybe we can get married there too!!! The church has a very special place in our hearts."