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Some Ideas to prompt thoughts and comments:

  1. As you read the Bible, where do you see yourself in this vast, sweeping story of God’s love for humanity? What does it say about God and about us that God could use ordinary people to bring about the salvation of us all?

  2. Do you find the violence of some biblical stories disturbing? Is this more or less troubling than violence in a newspaper? Why? What have you read so far in the Bible that has shocked or disturbed you? What things happening today might be shocking or disturbing to Abraham, Sarah, or Lot if they could visit us?

  3. We don’t focus much on the flight into Egypt and the slaughter of innocents at Christmastime. How might our image of Jesus be different if these parts of his life’s story were more prominent?

  4. How would a man such as John the Baptist be received by today’s church? Are his startling words about Jesus relevant today?

  5. How have you experienced your Christian faith as a summons to be different? How has your faith empowered you to make a difference in the world?

  6. What bold petition to God have you not yet voiced? What might you make of prayer that is engaged dispute with God?

  7. The story of Abraham and Isaac clearly resonates for Christians in New Testament texts such as, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son.” What do these words mean for you?

  8. How do you share the good news of God’s love? When have you felt most alone, as if God were asleep, and unaware of your struggles? How did God’s presence and peace become known to you?