Master Calendar for Church Facilities

This is the consolidated calendar for all church activities and is used to reserve space in the building and avoid scheduling conflicts. Scroll down for the ROTA which is immediately below.

This calendar is crowded, but you can change the views, turn off information that you are not interested in, and get a printout, by using the tabs and  menus on the upper right side. (For example the agenda view is very useful. Try it.)


Click here to download a printable version of the rota. or see the church office for a paper copy, but remember that this online version is the master document. You can always trust this schedule to be the most up-to-date version. Please Email any schedule changes to Kristi by clicking here (including the date, the position, your name, and your substitute's name). This schedule is updated by Kristi Champagne.

The word "rota" is more commonly used in the UK and means: a period of work or duty taken in rotation with others.

Click inside the calendar and scroll down to the current week