December 21 - Joy to the World, The Lord is Come, Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room!

Once you let in Jesus, prepare for changes. He'll stay awhile, but then he'll come and go.

Every time he comes back, he'll have somebody else tagging along. Somebody you may not especially want moving in with you.

"Do you mind?" What can you say?

Once you become "A tool for the Lord's service", you will be constantly remodeling. Get used to the mess.

July 27 - Father Jonathan Reflects on His Recent Sabbatical

Thomas Keating

Father Jonathan describes a healing and revelatory session spent at St. Benedict's monastary in Snowmass, Colorado.

He spent some time with (the legendary, in some circles) Thomas Keating who lives at the monastary. Father Keating re-introduced the concepts of Centering Prayer and Contemplative Prayer to Christian practice. He wrote the classic text "Open Mind, Open Heart" in 1986, and has been a leader and role model for the "Contemplatives" amongst us for over 20 years.

Father Jonathan was deeply inspired by his time spent in silence with a wide variety of seekers. He describes his encounter with this man and gives us some very practical reasons why you and I might consider the pursuit of our inner "silent and secret place", where we can surrender completely.

March 28 - Holy (Maundy) Thursday. One more day to live. Jesus is out of time...

... and his disciples still haven't understood the fundamental shift that Jesus is asking of them.

They understand the words, but they (we) need more. He has come among us, healed the lowest and most despised, shown them over and over how to live. What more can he do?

So on the last night of his life, Jesus has supper with the disciples. The events of that evening are immortalized as the very basis of Christianity. They have been re-enacted millions of times. That evening changed the world. The preacher today is Todd Foster, able assistant to Father Jonathan, candidate for priesthood, and St. Paul's parish administrator.