February 10, 2019 - The core message of Christianity

The message of a crucified and arisen Christ is the essential, crucial, core belief of our religion. And you have to wrestle with and accept the whole thing.

Jesus was not killed by God out of anger. Jesus was killed by man. He accepted this fate, and forgave us.

Jesus was resurrected. This may strike some as an affront to modern thinking and rationality. Maybe it’s just a myth, our sacred story. No, it’s not just a sacred relic— it happened— and it happened for an absolutely astonishing reason.

Maybe Jesus was simply a wise and gentle Jewish sage who got himself killed. He was, of course, wise and gentle, but that barely scratches the surface. Jesus came to do far more than pass along good morals and demonstrate kindness.

Jesus was God. Jesus descended as far as it was possible to descend into our temporal world of pain and suffering. What he did and why he did it, is the core message. Crucified and arisen.