July 16, 2017 - A powerful reflection on a familiar parable.

On the surface, the parable of the sower is one of the easiest to understand. God sows the seeds of his love. Some seeds fall on hard ground and cannot sprout, some sprout but are then choked by weeds, some fall on fertile soil and produce abundantly. It's usually invoked to get us to ponder which type of soil we might be, and how fertile are our hearts and minds for God's work. It's a wonderful metaphor for our Christian journey, but that's just the surface...

Marsha expands it to also consider the role of the seeds, and the sower. She raises some tantalizing questions: maybe you can't always blame the soil for everything. Maybe it's the wrong type of seed for this time and place. Maybe we need to understand how to work with the sower.

There is a place in God's heart with your name on it, that no one else can fill.