June 25, 2017 - Sin speaks a dead language to a Christian - it holds no meaning.

Reverend Vollkommer shares her pragmatic take on a couple of concepts that have been used to sow dissent, punish, inspire, threaten, and establish entire religions.

We are justified  
[... defended, supported, fended for, absolved, vindicated, freed,]

By God's grace
[...this comes to us with no strings attached, whether we are Christians or not. However,]

Through faith
[... we, here in this church, have accepted the Gospel of Jesus, surrendered to it, as our way to a full and proper life,]

In Christ alone
[...and we find it to be sufficient. For us.]

Then follows a thoughtful and eye-opening take on "sin". You can conjure up as much guilt as you care to, but Marsha presents a much more loving interpretation, seeing sin as a contradiction, a failure in everyday life, a personal self-inflicted injury.