June 3, 2018 - Want to see God? Look to your own life.

You have pre-made images of God. You know this is true, and you know that your image of God is almost certainly incomplete, and possibly dead wrong.  We can't correct our thinking through more thinking. This is why we need to practice keeping the sabbath.

The sabbath stops us and gives us a chance to observe the Lord Our God as is. It's more than a break from work. We need to have a sabbath of the heart. God comes to us in our daily lives and we need to realize this moment by moment. We must let the holy come in, and this is why we set up a formal time and we stop and let our God love us.

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For Father Jonathan, Friday is the day to "cease and desist". You need this, you require rest, and a reset. Your primary task as a Christian is not to get stuff done. You are here for a higher calling.