June 5, 2016 - Father Dale Johnson - Seeds of Hope

Father Johnson returns to St. Paul's with an update on the "Seeds of Hope" project which has been a success thanks to his leadership and our support. In this talk, he launches a new endeavor to save the ancient language, culture and heritage of our fellow Christians. With ISIS, and other hostile forces, there is a systematic effort underway to wipe them out.

They need our help. Please listen.

Aramaic chant begins at 5:17. The language of Jesus.

Father Dale Johnson is a monk of the Syriac Orthodox Church who resides at the Mt. Gabriel Monastery in the southeast corner of Turkey. A native of Skagit County, he previously told us of a project called “Seeds of Hope” designed to give hope to refugees fleeing ISIS terrorism. He describes a harrowing experience of being taken hostage in Iraq, and he chants in Aramaic, which is the language Jesus spoke, and which is still spoken by Christians in the area.