March 19, 2017 - Guest Preacher Marie Marchand

Editors note: This audio file was re-recorded by Marie after the original Sunday sermon because the recording was poor quality and I believe that this information and her perspective must be heard and understood. If you or someone you love struggles with mental health issues, listen to this homily. It will help you understand, it will give you comfort. It is excellent. Thank you Marie for taking the time and working with me to get this accomplished. God be with you.

Ms. Marchand shares the struggles and triumphs of working with people who have mental health conditions, shares the story of her mother's illness, and her own journey from "the pit".

Marie Marchand is on the board of directors of the National Alliance on Mental Illness Whatcom County Affiliate.  To reach NAMI Whatcom, call 360-671-4950 or Click Here to go to their website.  

As an additional resource, if needed, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255, or text 741741 for help.  Call for yourself, or for someone you know, if you are concerned about suicidal thinking or actions.  For an immediate crisis, go to the emergency room or call 911.