May 28, 2017 - Get real.

Father Jonathan pierces through the conventional, glib story of the ascension: That Jesus' ascension is witnessed by the disciples as he rises up from the Earth below to Heaven above. He escapes from this world and we can also if we will but follow his commandments. There is more to the story. Much more.

The ascension is our metaphor for the real work of being a Christian - to confront reality. Reality is not the shallow surface of perception that we see, hear and experience with our senses. Reality is thick, deep, multi-layered, it is an ineffable mystery that we can only try to approach through religion, words, music, and art. But reality cannot be understood, it cannot be mastered with our rational faculties. Our work is to get real, to see how much reality we can actually bear; to surrender in dark faith to the mystery. This is the work of the soul.